"The Price-2-Value Mismatch" Webinar

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

6:00 PM PDT / 9:00 PM EDT

When you can't convey TRUE VALUE, the painful retreat is to cut the PRICE! This is a huge mistake that runs rampant in our profession. (*Many docs suffer in silence.) Chiropractors don't know how to COMMUNICATE the true value of their care & it often becomes a RACE TO THE BOTTOM, to be the LOWEST fee provider. (You do not want to win the race to the bottom.) They cut the PRICE as they can't convey the VALUE.


*Find out why CARE PLANS equal selling once vs. Selling at EVERY visit

*How to position a care plan to NOT talk about Pain

*How to increase Value with STANDARD systems and procedures

*Year care plans are dead, and pay as YOU go sucks (they rarely pay & always GO)

*Learn to be the highest paid CA$H doc in your town (No MD/DC crap required)

...and so much more

Vitalistic docs NEED this info!

--->If you're stuck in a mechanistic model & want more cash patients, this is FREEDOM